Secret Sydney


Today we're revisiting one of LOST Events favourite events through the lens of the superbly talented GOLD HAT Photography.

"I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the latest in a string of party events based in Sydney, known simply as LOST Events. The concept harks back to the days where details of the event were spread by word-of-mouth to like-minded individuals, and the location disclosed by text message only on the morning of the event."

"The theme this time was the all American Fraternity, with throngs of energetic and beautiful Eastern suburbanites embracing the fancy dress and turning the site into a throbbing American frat party. We were blessed with a perfect summer’s day and gorgeous golden light to encapsulate the impromptu events – marching bands, low riders, American Football, cheer leaders … Whilst trying to remain under the radar, organic and non-commercial, it seems the LOST Events have still succeeded in attracting a strong and loyal following, and I’m looking forward to being a fly on the wall at the next one."

"If you’re interested in hiring a photographer who can capture the spirit of your event, get in touch here." 

Secret sights of Sydney: VIP tips for those in the know

Nice mention of Lost Events in & alongside our favourites: Secret FoodiesUnderground CinemaQT Sydney and The Winery!

"YOU may think you know everything there is to know about Australia’s biggest city.

But Sydney is home to the nation’s best exclusive and VIP experiences, providing something extra-special beyond the usual tourist haunts of Bondi and the Opera House.

It’s time to test yourself with our selection of favourites. How many of these hidden secrets are old news to you?"


"If none of these experiences appeal, Lost Events may have the boutique party for you. It has hosted intimate lunches at country estates, chartered private trains, styled weddings and curated fashion shows. It has commandeered clifftop hotels, harbour islands, army bases and polo clubs, held twisted masquerade balls in film studios, frat parties in old hospitals, turned a skate park into a beach and turned Australia’s oldest farm into a Swiss chalet.

For more exciting experiences in and around Sydney for both tourists and locals, visit and"