LOST In Space

Strap into your space suit and approach the air-lock, 'holla back to Houston - the LOST in Space video has finally landed!

Have you ever stepped outside, looked up at the stars, felt small and asked yourself that timeless question….“If I was an alien, an astronaut or an atom of anti-matter, how good would I look on the dance floor?”

On August 2nd, LOST Events™ attempted to answer that very question by taking anyone or anything that could be dreamt up, created, conspired or confabulated... that which exists, or could exist within the cosmos to its secret space station.

You are invited to join those brave souls on an intergalactic odyssey into the uncharted realms of deep space. Watch them flirt with the final frontier and get a glimpse of dancetronaunts spreading their message of peace while protecting Earth from the evils of the universe.