In 2009 the LOST Boys had a vision to create a boutique event with breathtaking views and space to dance and play. The concept was simple: good friends, good times, good music and NO attitude. If you’re young and carefree – you are welcomed with open arms.

On Saturday 24th January, 6 years after it all began the cold chillin’ LOST Boys are going basic to basics by throwing a ghetto-tastic BOOMBoX party!

Like RUN DMC’s Adidas, LOST Events are all ORIGINALS! Which means BOOMBoX will be held at a brand new mystery venue that's literally an uncut diamond the size of your fist: on the harbour, only accessible by boat and fresher than angel tears. 

This is a BOOMBoX block party and you're invited! Well it’s a block party of sorts because in truth, the location is more grass than block, and more party than either block or beach! Whatever way you look at it, beats not bombs rule so bring yo BoX, kicks and tricks for one hell of a summer jam.

In the spirit of the ecstatically eclectic and bombastically authentic the LOST Boys are taking it back... Waaaay back by paying homage to a simpler time when music was played loud and in public for all to hear - whether they liked it or not! Why back in the day you ask? Because back then they understood that nothing got a party started better than beats and bass. So dig out, dust off, and fire up your ghettotastic master blaster; bust out your best NYC B-Boy on a summer holiday vibe for the best BOOMBoX block party since... LOST Events last did one back in 2011.


Location: Mystery private harbourside block party

Tickets: Available here

Date: Saturday, January 24th 2015

Times: 12noon - 8pm

Line up: Line up announced shortly, expect lots of cameos.

BOOMBoX: back in the day.

For sartorial tips look to Jamal Shabazz, one of the most prolific street photographers of the early 1980s who captured the unequivocal attitude of New York’s youth, MCs and neighbourhood kids. Jamal’s work is synonymous with Brooklyn and the early days of hip hop style - door-knocker earrings, Cazal glasses, short shorts and boom boxes. Jamal's known world wide for taking everyday people and turning them into icons.

This isn't just about what you wear - take our advice and start hunting for your BOOMBoX immediately. In early 80s Brooklyn only those with the biggest, baddest, bassiest and flashiest blasters earned respect. This is LOST so the same 'back in the day' rules apply i.e. there's no such thing as going too large or hard provided you make it look good.

If customisation's your thing get creative and start building the meanest blasters this side of South Central. The custom box is only for the pros, those prepared to spend hours designing, building and fine-tuning. We're looking for style, consistency and most importantly - it's gotta keep firing the entire day without missing a beat!

Images and comments from LOST Events last BOOMBoX party 2011.