CONCRETE PLAYGROUND comes out firing

Thanks to the folks at Concrete Playground Sydney for the following piece about our upcoming SIN CITY Halloween party:

Walk down the right back alley in Sydney and you can find anything

They’ve taken you back to the skating days of Dogtown, knotted up the ascots at a pop-up Hunting Lodge and even travelled into space. Now, Sydney’s experts in pop-up immersive parties, LOST Events, are delving into the underbelly of society with their next party — themed Sin City.

Locked in for Saturday, October 31 (yep, Halloween), the next LOST party will take cues from crime, horror and noir films this time around. Location? The party will place in a “plush mystery crib”, ten minutes from Oxford Street “that you can bank on being First Class”. Here’s the breakdown from the team, to give you a bit of a clue: “LOST Events lure invite the bloodied, bad and beautiful to hitch a ride to the corrosive core of Sin City. Take a trenchant trip to a time when life is loose, love came cheap and the Demon Dog LOST Boys ran this town and kept it looking goooood.” Uh-huh.

The most important detail of all — what should you wear? LOST are reminding punters they’re entering the “chilling, ultraviolent and sleazy world of the hard-boiled”, so think flawed antiheroes (Dirty HarryPunisher), dirty cops (Training DayThe Departed), twisted weirdos (Zed in Pulp Fiction8MM), hard-drinking private investigators, tormented heroines, vengeful detectives, murderous billionaires and so on. LOST have even created a Sin City style guide on Pinterest, because they’re great like that.

As always with LOST events, there’ll be more precise instructions sent to guests personally on the day. The doors only open three times on the day — “when you come in, once you’ve served your time, or when you’re dead”. What the hell this means, we have no idea, so expect everything and anything.

LOST in Sin City is happening on Saturday, October 31 from 3-10pm. Tickets are $105, on sale Monday, August 24 from midday from LOST Events.

Published on August 19 , 2015 by Shannon Connellan