CNN: Sydney's LOST Parties

It’s the secret party cult that is hosting the hottest events around Sydney.


Tickets are bought months in advance and preparations for dress-up are thought about long and hard. Groups of friends follow the same costumed theme. Facebook messages reach fever pitch as the party looms.


On the day of the event, a text message from the organizers is sent to all involved and the meeting point is revealed. Party-goers gather in front of train stations or bus terminals and await transport to the mystery venue.


Passers-by are always curious to find a scene that looks like a film set. Then the party journey starts. The destination is an explorative fantasy world of dress-up where alter egos dance the night away to euphoric tunes.

How did it happen?

The LOST parties started when three like-minded friends had a simple idea. Party organizer Bollo posted: “To hold a party on a Sydney Harbour island with breathtaking views, a sandy beach and a thumping sound system. A party with enough room to roam free and dance, to play, to swim. A festival without fences, without drink queues... Without attitude.”


That's where it begun: on a harbor island. "LOST on Tran Siberian Express" followed; then other parties rose including "LOST in the underworld," "LOST at the alter" and "LOST in the Badlands."


The LOST movement was born: events have now been held throughout greater Sydney. The venues are chosen to take partygoers from real life into the LOST universe.

What happens?

There are the LOST groupies who have never missed a party. The crowd is a mix of heterosexuals and gays dressed to impress, pushing their fashion imaginations. For a day, people live by a different identity.


The LOST parties are not for the faint-hearted. It’s sexy, kinky, humorous and hedonistically confronting. A dress theme that caters to everyone’s dark imagination. The secret location then plays host to local and international DJs who can turn a crowd into a party that would do the Rolling Stones proud.