lost boys

LOST BOOMBoX video launched

In 2009 the LOST Boys had a simple vision. Create an event with breathtaking views, good friends, good times and good music. On Saturday 24th January, 2015, 6 years after it all began and in the spirit of the ecstatically eclectic and bombastically dynamic cold chillin’ LOST Boys took it back... Waaaay back by paying homage to a simpler time when music was played loud and in public for all to hear - whether they liked it or not!

Like RUN DMC’s Adidas, LOST Events are always ORIGINAL! Meaning BOOMBoX was held at a new mystery location on the harbour, only accessible by boat, with music crowd sourced via retro BOOMBoXes.

BOOMBoX was fresher than angel tears as guests basked in the summer sun, enjoying the retro beats and million dollar views.